Carson Shock

Carson Shock, MA

Carson Shock received her Master’s degree in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Mississippi State University in 2013. Carson was a missionary for six years and traveled to over 30 countries. As a missionary, she discovered a passion for helping young people figure out who they are and what they are doing with their lives.

Carson works with adolescents, young adults, and couples struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, divorce-related issues, family dynamics, relationship issues, grief, identity, spiritual formation, healing from childhood wounds, and mental illnesses. Carson uses a variety of therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Narrative and Art Therapy, and Mindfulness practices. She views clients through a holistic lens, including mind, body, soul, and spirit, because they are closely tied together.

Carson has a keen ability to establish rapport and build trust with clients, creating a safe and supportive environment for them to explore their thoughts and feelings. She is able to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and she respects their individuality and uniqueness. Her non-judgmental and compassionate approach allows clients to feel heard and understood, and she is skilled at helping them gain insight and develop coping strategies.