Online Summer Groups




Online Preteen Process Group Starting June 1st

In response to the emotional and psychological effects of Covid-19, our counseling group is planning to offer FREE online support groups for middle age students. Four groups will be offered, separated by gender, there will one for rising 6th graders and one for 7th-8th graders.  Each group will meet weekly for six weeks for an hour.  The format of the group will be to offer support and guidance for lessening anxiety related to reintegration of school, and to process the social and emotional effects of social distancing.  The group will be interactive, and fun, but with an educational format to better prepare preteens for the emotional stresses of coming school year.

In addition to the groups offered for teens, there will be one social skills group available for any rising third, fourth or fifth grade student.  The format of this group will be for an hour and a half, and will consist of interactive lessons as well as an opportunity to practice social skills in an online format.  The goal is to help students continue with their social-emotional growth to better prepare them for reintegration into the social setting of school in the fall.

Space is limited for all of these groups.  While the group is free to all participants, a $25 administrative fee will apply to cover the costs of the online format.  This is a one time fee, and no additional charges will be applied during the six week course.  To register your child for any of these groups, please complete the following form: