Additional Resources

Website and Apps recommended on this page are to be used at your discretion.  Often websites and apps require you to register with personal information including your name, birthday, and sometimes your address and may also charge a membership fee.  Please utilize every precaution to ensure your personal and confidential information is safeguarded against hackers and marketers.

The following websites are recommended to serve in conjunction to private therapy.  While our belief is that in person support systems are much better than the support provided by an online community, we realize the convenience and ease factors of utilizing the information and support offered by a web based program, groups and resources.  Our goal in recommending the following websites is that they will be used in enhance your counseling experience by providing assistance outside of the therapy hour.  Please continue to seek support in established relationships or by making new ones, in addition to what information you might find helpful in these websites.

Crisis Text Line:

Suicide Prevention:

Chemical Addiction:

Infidelity Recovery:


Sexual Addiction: [/tab] [/tabs]

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