Why This Counseling Facility?

There are many counseling facilities, each offering specialized treatment and clinical skills. Each counselor brings his or her unique capabilities and counseling wisdom to the therapuetic relationship. In addition to the skills and knowledge of our counselors, there is something unique that sets us apart from many others, and that is a deep sense of purpose and calling to the work of counseling.  This purpose outflows from a commitment to and faith in Christ, and a desire to serve Him by serving others.  This sense of faith leads to care and concern for people as they journey through the stages of life.  The primary goal of this counseling facility is build hope in others, and to encourage them to move beyond their pain and into a life full of purpose and promise.

Kathy Callahan, MS, LPC

Mary Ellis, MS, LPC

Kendra Gilbert, MA, LPC

Hailey Hoopaugh, MS, APC

Paige Shuffler, MA, APC

Debbie Turner, MA, LPC